Silver Knights Elite Rep Teams

York South Silver Knights offers an opportunity for our most passionate players to compete and strive towards excellence at a premier level of basketball by participating on one of our many rep teams. Silver Knights offers rep Ontario Basketball Association competitive teams for both boys and girls at all levels from grade 4 to grade 12. All teams compete in the OBA Championships held in early spring.

In order to ensure excellence in instruction and coaching, York Silver Knights Club have selected master instructor Coach Tom Oliveri as their Head Coach with his mandate to improve significantly the quality of basketball played in York Region.

Efforts are towards those athletes who aspire to succeed at the level of their potential ability, who through high standards deeply desire to get better … and experience the joy of achievement while building character. Our organization envisions players who developed and honed their skill through Silver Knights programs, attaining basketball scholarships in the U.S. and playing for the Canadian National Team at the Olympics

Please contact for more information:
Joe Spineto
Director of Competitive Teams
(Coach, FIBA referee)

2022-2023 Rep Team Info

Rep Team Tryouts Dates, Times and Locations will be posted here in August. Tryouts will take place over two weekends in September 2022

Dear Parents,


Silver Knights Basketball Club is looking for new rep team coaches, are you interested in joining our team?


Emoji Why You Should Coach Your Hoopster or Girl-Baller Rep With Silver Knights Basketball:


#1.  Your son or daughter automatically makes the team!!!, and plays in the role/position you feel best suits him or her.  Your son/daughter gets a fair decent genuine opportunity to compete, and not stuck with a forlorn sad face on another coach’s bench getting splinters.


#2.  You control the entire agenda.  You practice on the evenings of your availability according to your family schedule, and not some other random coach’s agenda.  You practice relatively close to your neighbourhood.


#3.  You control how engaged you desire your season.  Do you play 25 games or 50? Do you desire 2 practices a week or 3?  You determine the level of play etc.


#4.  Unlike most basketball organizations, you have considerable control and impact upon how your team’s finances are spent.


#5.  The vast majority of our hundreds of coaches over 20 years who have found the experience interesting, often challenging, and highly rewarding.  Many have stayed on for well over 5 years, and some even when their son/daughter graduated from high school.


#6.  We will mentor, guide, and help you this first year through the learning curve.  We will facilitate in all aspects your coaching Level 1 certification.  We will come to some of your practices and help if you desire.


#7.  What percent of your current position that you now know so well, did you actually know upon initial job acceptance?  Why would you expect to know any more as a basketball coach, and why would we?


#8.  We are NOT a Win At All Costs basketball organization.  We are all about the player experience, the memories, the friendships, regardless of the level or ranking in the OBA.  We had a team last season, who won their very first game at the OBA Championships, and the coaches and players were more joyous in their success than the Championship Gold medal team.  That’s what YSSK Basketball is all about.


If this in any manner is intriguing to you, would you kindly contact us.  It all starts with a conversation with our Rep Team Director, Joe Spineto.  See his contact information below.


For the love of our game,


Joe Spineto, Sr. Rep and Elite Director:  Cell: 416-276-4005
“Small Club, Big Heart”



If you have an interest in becoming a Rep Coach with Silver Knights please contact Joe Spineto

2022-2023 OBA Season Age Groups (Girls and Boys) – Starting in September 2022

Category Age Age Criteria
Novice Under 10 Born in 2013 and later
Atom Under 11 Born in 2012
Major Atom Under 12 Born in 2011
Bantam Under 13 Born in 2010
Major Bantam Under 14 Born in 2009
Midget Under 15 Born in 2008
Major Midget Under 16 Born in 2007
Juvenile Under 17 Born in 2006
Junior Under 19 Born in 2004 or 2005